As a child, I used to watch my grandmother as she sewed clothes. My grandmother sewed shirts and pants for my grandfather, dresses for herself and little skirts and pants for us, her grandchildren. She also sewed for the neighborhood and in time became everybody’s seamstress. I learned to sew with her and when I was hardly 15 years old I made my own first dress.

In 1998 I came to live in Germany and got my first sewing machine. The amount and diversity of fabrics and colors really fascinated me. I made beautiful dresses and got lots of compliments as an amateur seamstress. When I got the chance to get a job in Germany, it was clear to me that it would be in a textile shop. I learned the trade of consultant salesperson both in wholesale and retail shops in the textile business. All this time I was in close contact with fabrics and kept loyal to my seamstress hobby. I also had access to textiles as never before.

As I learned my trade I got vast professional knowledge related to textiles and worked as a sales consultant in textile shops. I read a lot of professional literature about the functionality and origin of fabrics, their making and the quality of the different kinds of textiles. This knowledge enabled me to act as an expert textile consultant for my customers through the years. A friendly and smiling expert consultant awaits you at “Anis Stoffe Store”.

Now the time has come for me to become independent and autonomous, by inaugurating my own shop: “Anis Stoffe Store”. High-quality fabrics will be sold here, with wonderful colors and designs, most of them with the “trustworthy fabric” label.

Anis Stoffe Store is PROFESSIONALISM and FRIENDLINESS written out in capitals.